Friday, February 11, 2011


                                                   ( Video from Youtube by MrYaridovich )
Blogging Castlevania will return this March.
See, my high powered Windows XP Dual Booting iMac decided to have its SECOND hard disk die on it since August 07.  (And third drive fart total, but the drive fart I could reinstall from.)

So I looked at prices and the reality of things and with a heavy heart and big income tax return decided it is best to return to the land of Windows where I can easily fix my own machine when I have to.  (iMacs don't make it easy and its minimal what you can do.  I can swap out parts on a PC for years saving me THOUSANDS of dollars.)

So until I can get the new PC home, up, running, then swap motherboards in April due to Intel having its biggest goof since the original Pentium 66mhz chip minor flaw, I am currently stuck on a tiny slow 1.8ghz 1 Gig of Ram G5 iMac which doesn't make for high efficiency Comic Life Deluxe use and the Mac emulation scene sort of blows.

Thus my continuing mission to play through Castlevania games must take a break.

And of course when the new machine comes in I sort of have a backlog of recent PC titles I want to work through.

But I will return.  Its just not a priority right now.