Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Approaches!

Yes this blog is still mostly on hiatus, but I do think about it quite often.

But there was a nice little article by the normally completely annoying Jeremy Parish today (he is one of those obnoxious snotty Nintendo worshipping types who acts like any other game system simply didn't exist, or at least was beneath notice.  Which of course makes him COMPLETELY wrong.  The Nintendo machines had some fantastic games.  So did almost every other game or computer system out there.) about the Castlevania series, albeit its a tad short:

If you are in the mood to be inspired to do some vampire slaying for the season you could do far worse than to read it.

Now what have I been up to Castlevania wise?  Well on my main blog (Wargame Dork) I have posted my initial house rules for my Castlevania D&D 4th edition campaign that is set to start tomorrow and hopefully will continue past the first game.  (Unlike a 2nd ed AD&D game I joined where we had a whopping TWO game sessions and then the host and her husband the DM basically quit communicating with the group entirely.  Which is NOT COOL.)

I have been rereading the 2 D&D system Transylvania/Vlad the Impaler sourcebooks that have been released that I know of (a 2nd ed "Masque of the Red Death" AD&D Ravenloft supplement, and a D20 system supplement about Vlad the Impaler by Avalanche Press, they of the cheesecake covers and bad customer service infamy.)  and refreshing my knowledge.

The AD&D 2nd one is MUCH better than the AP one.  Its classier in its presentation and coverage of Vlad's atrocities while not whitewashing it, while the Avalanche one seems to revel in going into detail of the physical and sexual abuses the Impaler Prince both perpetrated and had inflicted on him.

But both books help give me the detail I need for my fantasy Europe.

I have also picked up a couple 1 dollar foam weapons from Target which seem to be all but Belmont weapons.  Double bladed axe, and flail/morning star.   Why?  Just because.  My friend mentioned having a 16 bit costume party recently so upon me remembering I bought things makes me think maybe a Richter Belmont costume might be in my future plans.  Probably a "on the quick" one.  White jeans, a headband, wristbands, blue tunic.  Then I can go around telling monsters they don't belong in this world while your average person has no idea what the hell I am on about.

PC Engine was 16 bit man.  And a seriously underrated games machine in the west.

I may even get back to playing through the CV games proper.  My Let's Play of a D&D Turbografx (US name for the PC Engine) title should be done this week, and there is a chill in the air now.

My iMac (the slow one that still works) is even ready for the season:

We shall see though.

If nothing else, expect my Castlevania campaign notes either here or on the main blog, with links from one to the other.