Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Quick Update

The blog is on pause while I attempt to get ALL the 2d Castlevania games.  (My other blog "Wargame Dork" is actively updated on a 4 posts per month average however!  Lots of retro gaming content is showing up there too.)

Sadly I still need 3-4 games and they are all the most expensive ones.

Castlevania Legends (Game Boy)
Vampire Killer (MSX)
Haunted Castle (Arcade, PS2 port)
Castlevania X (SNES)

All of these games are generally not considered that good yet most even for a loose cartridge/disk go for 50+ US dollars.  Yeah.  I am cheap.  And even worse would be to try to get the Gameboy Color versions of Castlevania Adventure 1 and 2!!  Super rare in the European English editions, and probably sought after in Japan as well.

CV X I can kind of ignore as it is just a remixed and not as good version of Rondo of Blood which is helpfully on the PSP amongst other legal options.  (Wii IIRC along with a remake of one of the GB CVs which I have and may cover.)

I am not really covering or caring about the 3d CVs otherwise that adds another handful of games I do not much care about.  Especially the Wii fighting game with the ridiculous character redesigns.

The other Dracula related type games I am kind of searching for but VERY casually.

So don't forget about Blogging Castlevania.  Its just.. hiding in its coffin till NOT ELIZABETH BATHORY WITH BIG HONKIN HOOTERS shows up to wake it back up! :v