Monday, November 15, 2010

[Games] Castlevania 1 Level 3

I would like to be announcing that my D&D Castlevania game is up and running here, but the people who were happy with me running it decided to change their minds, discussing how they wanted to play something else after the fact and having another person run a game, informing me of this a couple days after I was starting to actively promote the game.  WHAT A WONDERFULLY DOUCHEY MOVE.

But my now available free time I was spending researching 15th century Romania can now be spent playing Castlevania videogames meaning another update.

Level 3 is done and beaten for your enjoyment:

I've already got screen captures of the next two levels, but THAT BOSS has been giving me issues so I cannot properly cover it till its completed.  Even with my rule of being able to use a start of level save state the Triple Boomerang isn't mighty enough to get me to THAT BOSS even if it would make short work of him.  Veterans of this series know who I speak of.  Now if I had Triple Axe?  He is merely tough, and its MUCH easier to reach him.

But the trick is to get there.  And boy howdy is it tough.

But we are moving swiftly along.  I promised 2-3 posts a month and this is what?  Number 6?

The holidays make doing anything difficult due to work schedules on top of the normal melancholy * I get in this season.

But let's see if I can't get through this game before Black Friday ruins any enjoyable shopping experiences for the next 6 weeks or so...

* No relation to obnoxious Japanese schoolgirls who may or may not have control over all reality.

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