Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Games] Castlevania 1 Level 5

The penultimate level.  Much frustration was to be had.  I very nearly broke my savestate rule.  But that ONE LAST TRY did it.  I made it through this entire level without dying AND I won the day quite impressively as you will soon see.

It took me nearly as many tries to beat this level as the other 4 COMBINED.  But I did it.
And next time?  Next time I rectify over 2 decades of failure and do to Dracula what Wesley Willis did to the Goddamned Batman.

Let's get this game done before November ends.  Because after November rains it becomes December snow, slush, and extra work hours for holiday hell.  Its not just the Retail sector that works extra this time of year.

With luck we can get through Simon's Quest by mid January.

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