Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Evening!

I bid you.. welcome.

Enter freely, and of your own will.

What is this blog gonna be about?

Well, one of my favorite gaming franchises is the Castlevania series.  Gametrailers' recent 5 part retrospective on the games plus the combination of Halloween season and my watching of the Spanish language version of the 1930's Dracula movie made for a dangerous combination.  (Lupita Tovar was amazingly gorgeous.  And the kinda fat guy playing the sanitarium chief was awesome.   Their Renfield was easily a match for Dwight Frye's iconic performance.  Its just really really GOOD.)

So I busted out Castlevania Chronicles on the PS1, a game I got years ago and never completed, and finished it.  Still hungry for more monster whipping I dropped a tenner on WiiWare and bought Castlevania Rebirth and finished that too.

And now I am working on a Castlevania campaign using 4th edition Essentials Dungeons & Dragons, taking place in a fantasy Romania in the year 1500.

 (Not the fanciest formatted poster, but beats what most players wanted posters do.  Still probably won't get any interest in the real world.  Already had IRC folks ask where I lived cuz they want to play though.  I hate my antisocial state.)

I feel the need to whip monsters and watch guys in capes drink blood.

I want to share these adventures with all of you, adding in various things related to Dracula and the era he was created from.

So this blog will have reviews of Dracula goodies, information on my Castlevania RPG campaign, discussions of the movies starring the REAL greatest Vampire of all time, and..

The most important part of the blog.

My adventures through EVERY 2D CASTLEVANIA GAME RELEASED IN THE USA (with possible sidesteps into foreign only games and maybe some of the 3d ones.).

See I have most of the games already.  Just won an ebay bid for the first 2 Game Boy games complete with manuals and I own every other US released game in some legal format except for Dracula X on the SNES and Legends on the Game Boy.

Yes, that's another self imposed restriction.  I have to legally own every one of the games.  I will most likely play them through emulators so I can take screencaps and save my progress where it is convenient to me.

Sadly Ebay and Amazon sellers seem to think most older games are worth ridiculous amounts so my 2 missing games from the series will be a ways off, hopefully till I can find them complete and under their original MSRP.  (But I would pay 5-10 bucks for working cartridge only if I had to.)

I am not counting the Kid Dracula games either, but again, if I can get them cheap or any of the knockoff Castlevania games like that weird Sega Game Gear game with "Doctor Social" in it I may visit those games as well.

I make no promises to FINISH every single game, especially as most of the Gameboy Advance and DS titles are quite long and I have already completed them.  But each game will get at least 3 hours of play before I can move on.  Expect maybe 2-3 posts per month if I can finagle the time.  I do have an existing hobby games blog as well that is still my prime blogging project.

If I can get things cheap I may even visit the MSX Vampire Killer game, the Haunted Castle arcade game which got a PS2 release in Japan, and various formats of the same game.

So get out the Wolfsbane, ready your holy water, and make sure your silver daggers are sharp.

Its time to start whipping one of the most legendary villains in all of fiction in the face!

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