Monday, November 8, 2010

More Work for the Project

Instead of playing more Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land, or doing work on my main blog I have been preparing for my grand experiment in playing 2d Platformers with Dracula elements in them.

I have dug out most of my games so far, not even realizing I owned Castlevania 2.  It was unboxed and antimanualed, but I have it.  Sadly it was in a Funcoland crappy case so I swapped it with my case for Super Mario Brothers.  The one that didn't have Duck Hunt with it.  (I have that one separate.  I may be one of the only NES owners who in its heyday got SMB AFTER the system.  I got the one in 86 with ROB and the Zapper so mine had Gyromite (which is actually kinda fun if you get rid of the damn robot.  I traded mine for Dungeons & Dragons stuff.) and Duck Hunt.)

I have even found a couple old gaming magazines with info on the games.  Sadly just Symphony of the Night era mags so far, but I haven't dug through my EGM Buyer's Guides yet.

My challenge now is to figure out how exactly to play some of them.

See I am a Mac user.  Our emulators suck balls because this one Bannister guy programs most of them and keeps the gamepad controls as a paid product.  And he revises the programs now and then which start yelling at you for having out of date versions, especially if you use the paid enhancer program in its free version.

Now I guess I could use Windows emulation but I don't much like Windows.  If it wasn't for Blood Bowl, Dawn of War 1-2, and other older PC titles before I became a card carrying latte sipping MacTard in late 05 I wouldn't bother with it at all.

(Though at this point a 500 dollar laptop probably would outperform my 2.8ghz dual core Imac at most gaming tasks even with Boot Camp.  An 07 high end Mac is probably a 2010 Emachine special laptop.)

Also in Windows land I have a nice Konami collection with all 3 NES Castlevanias on it, albeit without the funnybad manuals.  I just see no screenshot function.

So I may mess around with Windows emulators to properly play my legitimately purchased software so I can take pretty pictures.

What?  I should just use my digital camera and buy the games on Wii Virtual Console?

Yeah.  For the NES games NO.

Once I get out of NES land we will see what tricks I have to pull, but for now its emulation.

I mean, have you ever SEEN RF cable or even RCA Composite on an HDTV?  Ugh.

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