Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Collection. Let Me Show You It.

My currently owned collection of Castlevania games, products, and magazines I know of with Castlevania data in it.  (I also have some Retro Gamer magazine issues but we can see those when I cover them.)

Outside of one of the GB titles, most of these games were bought from stores when they were new, and most of them that weren't I at least played when they were recent.  (I will go into purchase memories when I cover each game.)

But this?  This is my humble collection of gaming goodness.  Except for the first Game Boy title.  I was mucking about with it today.  Its.. not so good.

                    (Click for big.  Its such an enormous picture I don't want to break tables and stuff.)

We have a LOT of fun ahead of us.  Well you might have fun.  I have hundreds of pits to fall in to, while questioning my life.

Update:  I had a thought of where another magazine might have been.  It was not there, but other issues were.  One of them has like 20 PAGES of Castlevania 3 info.  And I found some Bloom County collections.  Plus?  A pair of still mostly working Tiger Handheld LCD games.   SWEET.

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